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Matt Toshima and Yoshiko Oda created a high tech research company in the middle of a pre-orchard open lot near Marshall Lane Elementary school in Saratoga in 2004. The property was painted in PINK and that became the foundation of the naming of “Pink House”.

On weekends, Matt and Yoshiko started playing jazz together, and eventually started hosting free home jazz concerts to local music lovers.   They invited local, national, and sometimes international musicians. Those concerts were named as “Pink House” Concerts.

In 2009, as the business grew, the company moved to an industrial zone in South San Jose, and the “Pink House” moved to the second floor of the current “Café Pink House” building. Matt and Yoshiko continued supporting home concerts at new “Studio Pink House” until 2014 when they decided to start commercial live jazz venue which they named “Café Pink House”. Yoshiko was very happy that she could paint the building from “GREEN” to “PINK” finally.

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