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We offer outstanding video and audio recording services to help promote your band.

While performing at the Cafe Pink House why not have a video or audio recording of your performance taken.


  • Video recording
  • 3 GoPros
  • Canon G20
  • Sony A7 (with various lenses)
  • Audio recording
  • 16 raw tracks
  • Single mastered mix down of each show set
  • Post processing

Video Services:

Cafe Pink House has partnered with Benny Torres so that he can video record any show in a way that will be completely non-obstructive to the audience and customers of the venue and at the same time providing the artist with the highest quality product.

You will have a separate video file for each song in your set that includes: titles, transitions and animation.  Recording style will be 3 stationary cameras and one roving cameraman.

Pick your favorite song and it will be cut into a 2-minute highlight demo suitable for social media distribution.

If you are interested in a video recording of any of your upcoming shows, please contact Benny Torres ( so you can discuss rates, as well as the different services and options he offers.

Audio Services:

The 16 raw audio track files are available at the cost of $100 per show set.

Or a single mastered mix-down recording of the sound mix is available for $100 per show set. Additional post processing is also available.

Please contact our in-house sound engineer Bob Shea ( ahead of time if you desire an audio recording.

Sample Recordings:

Cafe Pink House has ceased operations on 11/16/2018. Thank you so much for supporting us for the last 3.5 years!